About Us

EquiSpectrum is the only Equine Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Company in Florida to exclusively use medical grade FDA registered screening equipment designed and manufactured specifically for medical and veterinary application.  We are unique in that all screenings are performed by Certified Clinical Thermographers and are interpreted by Board Certified Veterinary Thermologists.

Our main priority is the health and well being of your horse by aiding in a faster diagnosis, preventing injury by routine screening, or monitoring recovery from an injury.

All of our thermographers are actively involved in training and showing their own horses. We offer an invaluable and professional service for horse people, by horse people™!

Owner: Taryn Brandt

Why Choose Us

From our extensive experience to medical, FDA registered lab equipment to a lifelong dedication to horses, we should be your first choice in thermal imaging and diagnosis.


Nearly two decades of experience in veterinary thermal imaging

Vet Diagnosed

Interpreted by Veterinarians Board Certified in Thermology

No Risk; No Radiation

No risk, no radiation, no side effects

FDA Registered

FDA Registered Medical Equipment

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