Pre Scan Preparation

The screening procedure is very simple and may take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending upon the images required. It is necessary that a handler be present to maneuver the horse into the required positions for the camera. We prefer the owner or trainer, as they have intimate knowledge of the horse and can provide useful information relative to the horse’s medical and training history. Upon arriving on site, our certified equine thermographer will assess the suitability of the facility for screening and determine the optimum location to scan. A detailed medical history form will be completed and at this time, dependant upon the issues at hand, the necessity of performing a stress test will be discussed. This can involve a short longeing session or a quick under saddle school to produce the problem in query. The thermographer will then set up the camera and laptop and take the appropriate images. If required, the stress test will be performed, and the images will be repeated. The screening images will be adapted for interpretation, and along with the medical history will be compiled into a report and sent electronically to the Board Certified Veterinary Thermologists for review and interpretation.

Prescan Preparation is simple but critical to the accuracy of the results. Please strictly follow these guidelines prior to our arrival!
  • Screening area – Normally the horse’s stable is suitable for the screening to take place; we can discuss this with you at the time of booking.
  • The horse needs to be rested in its stable for 60 minutes prior to us arriving.
  • Horses need to be thoroughly clean and dry with their hooves picked out. Grooming should be done no later than 1 hour before screening as this can affect the test.
  • All bandages, wraps, boots, blankets or sheets need to be removed 30 minutes prior to testing. Please inform us if the horse wears magnetic boots.

All reports are sent off and interpreted by Board Certified Veterinary Thermologists for the most accurate results. Our thermographers do not interpret any screenings, please do not ask us to do so.